Circus Story Box

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Come one, come all! The greatest show around is about to begin and you’re the ringmaster! Open the sturdy cardboard tent-shaped box and prepare to set up your circus. Build a high wire and flaming hoop. Place your platform and giant balance ball, choose where to put the tent and the circus is officially in town. Send in the clowns and animals; an acrobatic elephant who can balance on all sides, a tame lion, a ferocious tiger, a monkey on a unicycle and a trained horse. Then get the show started by bringing in your performers; 2 male and 2 female limber acrobats, a lion tamer and of course the ringmaster. There’s even a magnetic van and trailer to ride throughout the show. All pieces are made of beautifully painted wood to spark a young one’s imagination! It’s a great to play with on its own and also makes a wonderful addition to a wooden train village!
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